Meet the Team

Humans and felines alike, these are the faces behind Panache.


Human, Designer

Charlene is the actual human who does all the designing, assembly, and human things. Some say she is a wizard.


Feline, Execu-cat

Moxie is the one that keeps the human in line. She doesn’t sit still for long and resents picture taking.

Our Unique Vision

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and sustainable.

Art and design has always been a big part of our lives, as has concern for the environment. It is our aim to combine the two, while also providing unique whimsical handmade eco-friendly accessories.

Our custom illustrated textiles are sourced via Spoonflower, a print-on-demand textile service. We also integrate the original pattern for our items into the design (a process known as “cut and sew”), which means we use less ink and only order the exact amount of fabric we need.

Spoonflower limits the usage of water for printing and we recycle extra fabric scraps via Ridwell, leading to less overall waste.

The fabrics we use are also specially chosen, ensuring we provide the best quality and most eco-friendly options we can. Our items are vegan and in some cases organic or recycled.


Have a question? We hopefully have an answer.
Where can I find Panache’s awesome products?

Apart from our online store, you can also find our whimsical handmade eco-friendly accessories in a few other places — we are working to add more and will make an announcement when we do.

Currently you can find us at:

Spoonflower (we only sell select prints and cut and sew garments)

Vancouver Farmers Market

Dandelion Teahouse & Apothecary


Amazon Handmade

Do you accept custom orders?

Custom orders can be tricky, but also rewarding! We can’t say yes or no without chatting about what you have in mind. Please contact us via  hello@thisispanache.style with your idea.

If your textiles are digitally produced, how can they be hand-drawn?

The future is amazing! Art and design does not have limits or constraints, it goes as far as the imagination can take it. The designs for our whimsical handmade eco-friendly accessories are made using an iPad, an Apple Pencil, and Adobe Illustrator. While some may think this cheating, it can actually be a more challenging way to create, as you have to see how a stroke is interpreted using an implement that seemingly doesn’t change. In real life, you can use various pens, pencils, and brushes to achieve a specific technique.