Our handmade Organic Cotton scarves are soft, light, and crinkled. Each scarf features a unique hand-drawn design. Currently available in: Coffee, Waffle, Bee, Ampersand, Taco, and Foxy Tea Party.

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Pouches & Coin Purses

Our handmade 8x5 inch pouches and 3x3 inch coin purses are made with Velvet and lined with Satin. Currently available in: (Pouches) Panda, Bunting, Bacon & Eggs, Waffle, Unicorn, (Coin Purses) Mermaid, Cupcake, Dino, Donut, Rubber Duck, Cassette Tape, Balloon, Cat, and Rabbit.

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Cord Keepers & Rolls

Forever misplacing your cords? Then our handmade cord keepers and rolls are perfect for you! Each is made from eco canvas, which is made from 45% recycled content, including water bottles. This also ensures it doesn't hold moisture. Currently available in: Taco, Waffle, Donut, Record, Headphones, Pizza, Tea Cup, Cat, Penguin, and Tortoise.

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What is Panache?

Panache is a unique handmade collection of accessories and decor that is aimed at brightening your day one item at a time.

We believe you should always remain "true to you." You won't find sizing on any of our clothing, nor are our items gender specific.

In addition to being inclusive, our products are also sustainably produced, vegan, and eco-friendly. You can find out more about our sustainability practices on our About Us page.

All of our items are created using print-on-demand techniques, which allows us to make limited run custom textile designs. Each design is hand-drawn and each item is assembled by a human (often with the help of feline assistants).


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